The Swarm

Der Vogelschwarm

Finally Finished!

Fortunately after finishing my work I usually forget quickly, HOW MUCH work especially collages of this size really need. But – halfway between – I often tend to lose faith in my own stamina. Then I continue step by step, centimetre by centimetre, simply with the finest lines. And in the end, after weeks and months, I am amazed when I actually look at my finished work.

Thanks to my forgetfulness, I started this collage here a few weeks ago in good spirits. With over 500 individual miniature sculptures, it was also an exciting challenge. Every bird of paradise in this swarm is a unique individual and indispensable in the large whole. And more will follow. I will do it again…I promise…

Every bird is part of the whole. I don’t like to miss a single one.

Mimikry – What you see is not allways what you get

Vegan insects

All insects have six legs. All these tiny pieces of nothing have six legs. So they all are insects! OK? OK!

Hundreds of little foundings are arranged to build a new surprising microcosm. Have a look

Now come a little bit closer

Than have another look and be sure: There is no insect to be found  (Ok – 3 or 4 of them)

These are vegan Insects!

Every single one is unique. Every single one is worthy. Perhaps every single one is a little bit funky… mainly they all are pieces of nothing…

…but:  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts [Aristotle]


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Bird Art Collage

Hidden in the reeds, it lives quietly and undisturbed. If you approach only with enough patience and mindfulness, the great variety of bird creatures can be closely observed.