The Swarm

Der Vogelschwarm

Finally Finished!

Fortunately after finishing my work I usually forget quickly, HOW MUCH work especially collages of this size really need. But – halfway between – I often tend to lose faith in my own stamina. Then I continue step by step, centimetre by centimetre, simply with the finest lines. And in the end, after weeks and months, I am amazed when I actually look at my finished work.

Thanks to my forgetfulness, I started this collage here a few weeks ago in good spirits. With over 500 individual miniature sculptures, it was also an exciting challenge. Every bird of paradise in this swarm is a unique individual and indispensable in the large whole. And more will follow. I will do it again…I promise…

Every bird is part of the whole. I don’t like to miss a single one.

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